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Importing OVA into Amazon AWS

While working on a project, I needed to be able to import OVAs into my Amazon AWS account for use in various ways. What I discovered is that Amazon's documentation on this process is rather... dense and confusing. I spent a good amount of time trying to decipher what the documentation was actually telling me… Continue reading Importing OVA into Amazon AWS


Converting VM images to Docker containers

I'm starting to experiment with Docker containers. From a pedagogical perspective, I see lots of opportunities to quickly and easily script environments to support hands-on lab objectives for my students. Being able to create a series of images, push them to a public Docker repo, and then store a Docker compose script in a Github… Continue reading Converting VM images to Docker containers

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No, Michigan voter registration data wasn’t “hacked”

Earlier today, I started seeing social media posts about voter data from multiple states being located on a so-called "dark web" website. The general picture being painted was that this data had been obtained through improper means and made available for sale. From there, the "story" picked up steam, and Russian and American news outlets… Continue reading No, Michigan voter registration data wasn’t “hacked”